Hi, I'm Joan, a 20 something year old blogger, wife and student from Miami, Florida. I started How Does Joan Do It to express my thoughts about fashion and showcase my personal style. Throughout my life I figured out clothing is much more than what we wear, it's an expressive art form. I want Women to know that style is personal and it doesn't take you to break your bank account to express your individual taste. I have always loved fashion since I was young, even begging my mom to pick my own outfits and now being able to translate my feelings into a wardrobe choice makes me feel like everyday I get to decide what person I want to be, it really is like playing dress up. I take inspiration from my surrounding and other strong, independent well dressed women. So take a look into my travel, love and of course style along the way and find out how Joan does it.

This is my Handsome Husband Chase, he is the greatest man out there and truly the greatest companion one would hope for. We met in Provo, Utah where we both were living to attend University. Our paths crossed about seven months after I moved from Miami. It so happens we were both from South Florida, he lived just 30 Minutes away from me basically my whole life even having similar friends and attending the same church activities but some how some way we met 2,000 miles later. He is proof to me that you never know what life will bring into your life at an unexpected moment. 

 We were married in the LDS Ft. Lauderdale Temple June 20, 2014. Getting to be his forever is unexplainable.
After living in Utah for four years and after almost two years of marriage Chase graduated from BYU and is now attending the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. We moved to the UK September 1, 2016 and everyday is a dream and adventure. If you don't know the feeling of doing something different everyday I encourage you to take the step because stability is comfortable but uncertainty is living.