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大富豪注册开户Railway Construction

  CRM is the largest agency in respect of Goods and Materials Supplied by Railway Construction Project Companies (i.e., Party A) and Controlled by the MOR in China and one of the largest suppliers of railway construction materials, providing comprehensive solutions of materials supply and management for large and medium railway construction projects in China for a long time.

  Since we became the first company in China to win the bid to provide materials management services in respect of Goods and Materials Supplied by Railway Construction Project Companies (i.e., Party A) and Controlled by the MOR in June 2007, we have provided a series of services including agency service of tendering, organization, quality control and on-site manufacturing supervision to 564 construction projects including the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway and China-Laos Railway. Benefiting from platforms providing agency services controlled by the MOR and upper-stream resources, we expand our business with sustained effort to agency services of tendering for all types of railway construction materials and logistic services, including bidding and supplying, warehousing and transportation in respect of the railway materials we supply, such as steel (controlled by Party A), cement. In the field of railway construction, CRM takes advantage of its role as the main channel in respect of goods and materials by fitting in with the market. As a result, our market share remains at 15% with annual steel supply of 1.5 million tons and cement over 8 million tons.

1.Procurement of railway construction materials

  CRM engages in consulting services such as agent services of tendering for goods and materials, organization, quality control and on-site manufacturing supervision. Together with construction firms and groups, we monitor the on-site supply of goods and materials for railway construction, providing careful management, following relevant policies to guarantee the punctual supply of quality materials to railway construction.

Railway Construction

2.Tendering agency service

  Centering on procurement of railway materials, CRM actively extends the agency service of tendering of goods and materials Supplied by Railway Construction Project Companies (i.e., Party A) and Controlled by the MOR. We provide consulting service earlier in the tendering process; we write tender documents (including the pre-qualification document and base price), issue tendering announcement, answer questions, provide addendum and organize tender-opening; we also assist to send out bid-winning notifications and sign contracts.

Railway Construction

Railway Construction

3.Supply of railway project materials

大富豪注册开户  As the main supplier of railway materials in China, CRM has the responsibility for timely and efficient supply of quality materials. We have participated in various large-scale railway construction projects in China, including the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Harbin-Dalian Railway, Datong-Xi’an High-speed Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway, Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway, and provided them with raw materials in bulk including steel and cement. We have also supplied specialized materials such as H beam for steel poles, high-speed train fastener and adjustment pieces and rail guard. Now we are expanding our business to subway and urban rail transit.

Railway Construction