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Hey friends,
I hope you had a lovely weekend, I did. My in laws came into town to visit us and while they were here we took a day trip out to St. Andrews which is only about an hour away from the Edinburgh Waverly train station. (keep in mind there is no train station in St. Andrews so you have to catch a bus from your nearest station) The town is known for a couple of things most notably their golf courses. ST. Andrews is actually the home of golf and where it all started so that was really neat to see. I'm sure I would appreciated it more if I knew anything about golf.  
We were able to see the ruins of the St. Andrews castle and the Cathedral which was basically a cemetery. I would suggest to skip paying for the cathedral because the actual cemetery is free to enter and it was the best part. We had lunch at a really cool spot called Forman's. Everything from the menu to atmosphere made it remarkable and if I'm ever back I would go again. I really enjoyed chase's appetizer, it was a goat cheese puff pastry and it was so good I want to try and make it myself.
My favorite part of St. Andrews was how close it was to the shore, it was so moody and foggy and the fact it was so close to the sea made it so dreamy.
I wore this layered outfit to keep warm and I was even though it was pretty windy.

I hope you have a lovely and  productive week, even though its freezing outside.

xx Joan

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